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Our 2022 Rate Sheet is available here for your review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a copy of the Wedding Contract?

Contracts are filled out by the office. If you would like to discuss calendar availability and pricing, please contact us.

How do we reserve the church?

Setting tBWhe date of your wedding should be made as far in advance as possible to insure your first choice of date and time. To reserve a date, contact the church office at 831-624-3550 or e-mail.

The time and date of your reservation will be confirmed when we receive your deposit. We accept checks, cash, credit cards and PayPal. Please make all checks payable to Church of the Wayfarer. To make a deposit or payment by credit card, please call the church office at 831-624-3550.

All fees and honorariums must be paid 30 (thirty) days before the ceremony.


What is the capacity of the sanctuary?

The sanctuary will seat up to 200 guests, but still retains an intimate ambiance for even the smallest of weddings. An adjoining “garden” room may be opened to accommodate an additional 50 guests.


Can Pastor Lundin perform weddings off site?

Yes. Please contact the church office.


What does the Wedding Coordinator do?

The Wedding Coordinator administers and oversees all wedding activities at the church. Should you choose to bring in an off-site coordinator, the church Wedding Coordinator still oversees all church-related aspects of the wedding. She will assist during the wedding rehearsal, as well as the day of your ceremony.


Do we need a rehearsal?

For all large weddings, a rehearsal is recommended, but not necessary.


What kind of music can we have at our ceremony?

The church organist has a variety of options for preludes, processionals and recessionals, and welcomes a brief conference with the couple in planning the music for your ceremony. The church organist does not attend rehearsals.

Guest artists should contact the organist in advance of the wedding to arrange the selection of music. If you are interested in string quartets, pianists or other ensembles/musicians, the organist or Wedding Coordinator can be of great assistance in this matter.


Can we take pictures?

Yes. The church asks that photographers be discreet in the use of flash photography, however we understand that this is an important day and the need to capture those special moments may require flash photography.


What about a videographer?

Videography is allowed at the church. The videographer may set up in the choir loft or closer to the altar out of the view of the wedding guests.


How do I get a Marriage License?

A valid California Marriage License is required to get married at Church of the Wayfarer and can be purchased in any county in CA. If you are from CA you may call the County Clerk in your county and get all the information necessary to purchase your license. There is no waiting period or blood tests required for a license. If you qualify for a Confidential Marriage license, you may obtain it at Carmel Office Supply, across the street from the church. For more information visit them at www.carmelofficesupply.com/Weddings

Please bring all paperwork/documents with you to your rehearsal and give this packet to the Wedding Coordinator, who will take care of the paperwork from there. If you have further questions regarding marriage licenses, please contact the Wedding Coordinator and she may be able to help you.


Can I have my guests throw rice, rose petals, or birdseed?

The throwing of rice and/or birdseed is traditionally done at receptions, however, it is prohibited by the City of Carmel-by-the-Sea.


Can my guests smoke inside the facility?

Smoking is not allowed in the church building, in the garden, or on church property. California law prohibits smoking outside within 25 feet of any doorway of a building where people gather.


Are special classes or counseling sessions required prior to our ceremony?

Weddings are a ministry of our church. If our pastor can be of assistance to help couples have a happy marriage, please contact us.


Can I have my reception at the Church of the Wayfarer?

There is a possibility that a small reception could be held at our church either in the Garden Room (40 people) or the Fellowship Hall (100 people).


What address do I list on my wedding invitations or directional maps?

Keeping with the quaintness of Carmel-by-the-Sea, Church of the Wayfarer does not have a ‘numbered’ street address. The physical address of the church should be listed as follows: Church of the Wayfarer, Northwest Corner of Lincoln Street and Seventh Avenue Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.

The church’s mailing address is: Church of the Wayfarer P.O. Box 2205 Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA 93921.


Are animals permitted at my wedding?

We welcome our animal friends. If you want them included in your special day it is fine.


Helpful Tips

These are some tips that will be helpful in planning your wedding at Church of the Wayfarer:

  • There are 34 pews in the church; 17 on each side
  • The aisle is 56 ft. to the end of the pews and 61 ft. to the door.
  • Bows from below the hurricane globes (on the aisle candelabras) is 4’5″ to the floor.
  • Aisles without the aisle candelabras is 4’5″ wide. With the aisle candelabras is 3’10” wide.
  • There are 6 altar candles – included in the wedding package fee.
  • Archway ‘shelf’ for additional flowers is 9″ deep, 19″ in length.
  • There are childcare facilities on the property; you are responsible to hire childcare personnel.
  • Parking is VERY limited. The church does not have a parking lot. We suggest that you recommend to your guest to arrive at least 15-30 minutes prior to the wedding to locate a parking spot. Two-hour spots are located all around the area, and within a block of the church there are spaces with no time restrictions. Maps are available from the Wedding Coordinator that will show areas of paid/garage parking in the area.
  • Two parking spots are included in your wedding package fee and are located directly in front of the sanctuary. This is a large enough spot for one limousine, or two cars.
  • If you want a horse & buggy, or if you have a large amount of guests arriving and you will be using a bus, you must call the Carmel Police Department (831-624-6403) to notify them of this matter.
  • Please refrain from moving any of the podiums in the sanctuary.